Motilium 10mg

Motilium (Domperidone) is a drug which purpose is to restore normal functioning of the stomach and bowel by increasing its movements and contractions. Domperidone is effective way to treat vomiting and nausea that can be caused, among other things, by medication used to treat Parkinson's Disease. Do not forget to consult your doctor before taking Domperidone.

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Product Description

Common uses

The drug Motilium contains active ingredient Domperidone. It is ant-emitic, dopamine antagonist type of drug. The main purpose of Domperidone is to treat nausea and vomiting, also it can be used to treat fullness, abdominal fullness, bloating and discomfort.

The mechanism of this medicine is based on blocking certain dopamine receptors in brain chemoreceptor trigger zone (CTZ). It effectively blocks vomiting reflex and stop nausea.

Before using

Consult your doctor before using this medicine. Take greater concern in case of following:

Allergic reaction to Domperidone.

Pregnancy - there are no studies of Domperidone in pregnant women, but no birth defects have been detected in animal test.

Breastfeeding - domperidone passes into women milk, but there is no information of possible negative effects. Be sure to consult your doctor before taking domperidone.

Children - domperidone was not studied in children, but there is no specific information about possible harm.

Consult your doctor before taking this medicine if you have bowel problems, bleeding from stomach, liver disease.


Noraml dose of domperidone is 10mg 3-4 times a day, 20-30 min before meals or at bedtime. The dose can be increased to 20mg 3-4 times a day.

Possible side effects

Domperidone is not recommended for long term use.

Take note that Motilium contains lactose and may be not suitable for people with intolerance to lactose. Possible side effects of domperidone can include the following: diarrhoea, breast pain, stomach cramps, abnormal enlargement of breasts in men, abnormal movements legs, face, hands, neck and tongue, eg tremor, twitching, rigidity (extrapyramidal effects).


If you take to much symptoms of evrdose can include disorientation, drowsiness and extrapyramidal reactions. Anti-parkinson or anticholinergic may be helpful in these situations.

Drug interactions

Drugs that can interact with domperidone are following:

• nefazodone
• "azole" antifungals ( itraconazole, fluconazole, ketoconazole, miconazole)
• erythromycin antibiotics (clarithromycin)
• MAO inhibitors (phenelzine)
• HIV protease inhibitors (indinavir)

Consult your doctor to decide how you can combine those taking those drugs together with domperidone.

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When it comes to digestive health, the condition you're most likely to suffer from is constipation. In constipation, infrequent bowel movements cause hard stools that are difficult to pass. You're most likely to struggle with irregular bowel movements if you are an older adult or pregnant, but lifestyle factors, such as a low intake of fiber and fluid or limited activity, also slow bowel transit. Constipation isn't just uncomfortable though, as infrequent bowel movements can signal a medical problem. Here are three reasons to visit your doctor if you suffer from chronic constipation.

A symptom of cancer

Cancers in the colon and rectum can present as constipation. However, it is unusual for irregular bowel movements to be the only symptom of colorectal cancer. Constipation as a cancer symptom is usually seen alongside abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, poor appetite, unintentional weight loss and fatigue. Spotting this collection of possible cancer symptoms early and reporting these signs to your doctor allow them to rule out cancer as a cause of constipation. If you do receive a diagnosis of colorectal cancer though, early treatment increases the likelihood of a successful outcome.

A hormone-related problem

An underactive thyroid, where your thyroid gland produces insufficient hormones, produces numerous symptoms, one of which is constipation. Other signs associated with the slowing of your metabolism include tiredness, weight gain, dry skin and hair, and feeling the cold. It is simple to resolve the symptoms of hypothyroidism through medication, so if you have additional symptoms of an underactive thyroid, make an appointment with your medical practitioner.

If you have poor blood sugar control, you may experience damage to the nerves that control your digestive tract, which can present as constipation, diarrhea, nausea and heartburn. Known as autonomic neuropathy, this type of nerve damage is usually seen in more advanced cases of diabetes, arising from late diagnosis of diabetes or poor compliance with blood glucose control. Input from your doctor, diabetes nurse and dietician can help you achieve better glycemic control and preserve nerve function. Signs of poor blood sugar control include increased thirst, urination and tiredness, recurrent thrush, poor wound healing, weight loss and blurred vision, so these symptoms should always be reported to your physician.

A sign of neurological disease

Constipation is sometimes a symptom of Parkinson's disease, where damage to the brain cells that produce the chemical dopamine affects your muscle function. While tremors, slowed movement and muscle stiffness are common signs of Parkinson's disease, the muscles of your digestive system can also be affected, making them operate slower, which causes constipation. Although medications to treat Parkinson's disease ease symptoms, constipation is a possible side effect of certain drugs to manage this neurological condition.

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If you're stressed all the time, don't worry. To combat either short-term or chronic stress, you simply need to learn how to manage stress with healthy coping strategies. Coping strategies work to quickly reduce stress at its onset. Once you recognize it, respond immediately. Try using these 3 easy ways to respond to stress that are proven to lower stress levels:

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Your breath deepens, which instantly increases oxygen levels and calms your body. The muscle movement also releases endorphins, balancing stress hormone levels.

Laughter yoga involves laughter exercises that are a lot like breathing exercises, except they involve laughing. Studies on laughter yoga have found that the practice promotes improved heart and immune function while lowering blood pressure and stress hormone levels.

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Medical research has consistently shown that meditation reduces both short and long-term stress. Whereas stress spikes your levels of stress hormones and reduces oxygen intake, meditation does the opposite. Your brainwaves change, your body becomes calm and relaxed, and it tells your mind not to be anxious. A feeling of greater well-being results, especially with regular practice.

Meditation isn't as daunting as it sounds. You don't have to be a master to enjoy the benefits of it, and there's no such thing as a "bad" meditation. The most important thing to remember is to keep your awareness on your breathing. By keeping your attention on your breath alone without trying to change or control it, your body and mind start to relax.

When you notice yourself engaging with thoughts, bring your awareness back to your breath and allow it to absorb your attention. The idea isn't to stop thinking, but to detach from your thoughts. Let them pass by--observe instead of engaging.

Even two minutes of meditation makes a significant difference in combating stress levels.

Try using a guided meditation audio to help you wind down before bed. These audios often include relaxing music and provide helpful imagery to induce relaxation.

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The way you breathe influences your thoughts, physiology and mood. As cliché as it sounds, taking a deep breath is truly the best response to stress and anxiety your body can offer. Take a deep breath for a moment and then let it out slowly.

Take another deep breath followed by more, and try to make your breath slower and deeper each time.

Make sure your belly is extending every time you inhale, so that you're not just using your chest and throat to breathe. Belly breathing activates the soothing parasympathetic nervous system, as opposed to the sympathetic nervous system--which deals with the fight-or-flight response.

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While many chemical-based tranquilizers lose their power over time, these three stress-relieving practices gain power the more you do them. Try doing at least one of these practices every day to get the most out of them childless couples

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The recommended way of taking Domperidone no prescription is usually to continue prescription drugs for 12 weeks consecutively. It is generally discovered that a Domperidone without prescription user stop smoking cigarettes completely within two weeks since commencement in the course. However, stopping medicines abruptly could cause relapse of the habit along with such case you may find it tough to succeed inside your purpose. Normally physicians suggest that you take 0.5mg dosage daily in the initial stage. In this mid phase of the course the dosage of medicines is increased approximately two every day and lastly, you need to take 1mg dosage of Champix twice every day till the end of your respective course. Division of the correct time to switch strength in the dosage needs to be done after proper consultation having a registered physician.

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